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786-628-7811 - Homestead Pool Leak Detection & Pool Leak Repair. WaterWise Pool Leak Detection is a family owned firm that operates on the principal of supplying amazing client service together with the strongest dedication to excellence. WaterWise Pool Leak Detection & Pool Leak Repair continues to be helping its customers in Homestead in excess of 25 years. Our company was established using the commitment to exemplify knowledge, honesty and customer service to our customers.

Our commitment to excellence, high quality service and fair prices has not in over two decades. At WaterWise Pool Leak Detection & Pool Leak Repair, our company specializes in many aspects of leak locating and have a very specialized team for pool leak detection employing only the most up to date equipment and methods. WaterWise Pool Leak Detection can assist you with your pool leak in South Florida, servicing Homestead. For immediate assistance please call 786-628-7811

Why Use Us for Pool Leak Repair Homestead?

  • Our company offers the most comprehensive leak detection inspections of any company within the Homestead area.
  • We have 25+ years experience with swimming pool structural repairs (we realize how Homestead pools are built).
  • We make use of the most specialized and advanced equipment now available to pin-point your water leaks.
  • Our pool leak detection is a flat rate for most pools and pool/spa combinations.
Check Out Our Pool Leak Detection Warranty!
We warrant our leak detection's for fortyfive days from the day the leak detection is performed so long as our clients accept the required repairs to be performed by us. If another company aside from WaterWise Pool Leak Detection is hired to perform the repairs then we are not able to supply a warranty on the leak detection. You should be aware: It will be the customer's duty to alert us if the pool continues to leak after any advised repairs have been finished.
Please note: It is the customer's responsibility to notify us if the pool continues to leak after any recommended pool or pool pipe repairs have been completed.

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Is a Pool Pipe Leak Repair needed in Homestead?

The most frequent manifestation of a leak occurs when the pool water level is dropping faster compared to what is usually caused by evaporation. Usually leaks are large enough that excessive water loss is definitely seen. In the event that your pool is falling numerous inches over night you no doubt know there is a issue. The larger problems in swimming pool leak locating will be the smaller leaks that produce slowly with time. In instances such as these it is important to figure out what is “normal water loss” in order to avoid wasting time looking for a leak which is not there. A great way to figure out if the loss is taking place is usually to conduct what is known as "bucket test" (Please Visit "The Bucket Test") or just contact WaterWise Pool Leak Detection providing service to all Homestead.

There are many indicators that your pool is having water leak issues, and its not just the obvious. Lets name a few:

  • A sudden rise in the water bill (only when an autofill is in use)
  • Your pool pumps are not priming
  • The pool will not maintain its proper chemical levels
  • Air bubbles coming out of the pool return lines
  • Lifting or sagging concrete around the swimming pool

For those who have an auto fill device on your pool, a water loss in your swimming pool might not be noticeable, for that reason high water expenses may be the very first indication of a pool leak issue. In addition, you may realize that your pool cleaning company is using an increased quantity of chemicals necessary to sustain a correct balance, or that there is extra algae development do in order to the fact that the new water that is being added in the pool is untreated.

Other factors of pool leak signs or symptoms can be actual proof of the water which has escaped from the pool. Damp, mushy, or unusually “healthy” locations inside the lawn might be proof of underground plumbing leaks. Structural damage, cracks, and settling of the deck or pool can be warning signs of an underground leak.

These issues can easily become more severe, so it is crucial that you simply phone a pool leak locator located in Homestead as soon as possible to stop further damage to the residence.

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Have You Tried the Bucket Test?

Have you wondered if you actually have a pool leak or a pool pipe leak or if it is just evaporation? The bucket test can let you know in as little as 24 hours! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get a bucket! Any 5 Gallon bucket will do....
  2. Place something heavy in the bucket such as a brick
  3. Place the bucket on the step of your pool in the water (any other flat surface in the pool will work)
  4. Fill the bucket up with water so that the water in the bucket is even with the body of water it is sitting in
  5. Mark the inside and outside water level with tape or a sharpie
  6. This step is optional, but I like to take pictures of the levels with my cell phone
  7. Leave bucket to sit for 24-48 hours
  8. Return to see if the two bodies of water are at the same level

Please see image below.

So now that you can see what has occurred, what does this mean? As long as the bucket is not compromised, this level of water will only be lost to evaporation. (Evaporation in the 1/8"-1/4" per day is considered normal and in hotter months can increase) If the pool does not have a leak, the two bodies of water will be the same. If the pool does have a pipe leak or a crack in the pool shell, the pool will be lower than the water level in the bucket! If the water in pool is lower, it's time to call in the experts at WaterWise Pool Leak Detection right away, servicing Homestead!

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